New pier at Manchester airports terminal 2

The new pier opened to passengers at 4.30am on 1st April as the first phase of the £1bn transformation of Terminal 2

new manchester airport t2 pier

The airport pier is 216 meters in length, which is longer than Manchester’s Beetham Tower is tall, according to airport officials. It was built with over 300 panes of glass providing panoramic views across the airfield. In addition a new multi-story car park, started in 2017, was also opened.

Its the latest phase of the airport’s 10 year transformation programme. The new pier boasts 11 gates and air-bridges. It has over 1,400 seats for waiting passengers. New long-haul routes to destinations such as Addis Ababa and Seattle have been added. Additional piers are set to open in 2022 and 2024.

The next phase is an extension of T2. This will see the terminal more than double in size by summer 2020. Further piers are set to open in 2022 and 2024 to accommodate the extra volume in aircraft and passenger numbers.

40 new food restaurants, drinks outlets and shops will open by the end of 2020. Another 40 to follow when the current T2 building is refurbished and reopened in 2022. More than 1,750 people are currently working on the project which recently welcomed its 100th apprentice as work gathers pace.

And to celebrate, the airport has released video clips cataloguing the evolution of the pier, including drone footage giving passengers a glimpse of where their holidays will start.

Commenting on the news Andrew Cowan, CEO of Manchester Airport, said:

Today is a significant milestone for Manchester Airport as we deliver the first phase of the biggest investment we have made in our 80 year history. We are delighted to wave off the first handful of flights from the new pier, as we build up to bringing it into full operation in the days ahead. What that means is our customers can start to enjoy the new facilities, at the same time as getting a taste of what to expect from the next stages of our £1bn transformation programme.

Today is just the start. Over the coming years we will transform the airport for all of our customers, giving the North the world class airport it deserves. The investment we are making and the range of destinations we connect to, in all corners of the world, underlines the vital role Manchester Airport plays in creating jobs and driving growth across the North of England.

Having first put a spade in the ground in July 2017, a huge amount of work has gone into getting our new pier and multi-storey car park ready to open today and I would like to thank all of our colleagues and delivery partners for their efforts.

Operations leader for company behind the construction of the airport’s expansion Peter Jones said:

It is a significant achievement to have the pier, link bridge and multi-storey car park ready for airport guests within 18 months. The project’s design, construction methods and logistics were all planned digitally before construction on the edge of the live airfield began. Our digital engineering approach meant we, and our project partners, were able to work together efficiently, putting productive solutions in place to minimise disruption to passengers and staff, while delivering new facilities for Manchester airport on time. We are now looking ahead to the completion of the Terminal 2 extension which is due to be handed over to Manchester Airports Group next year.

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