Mercedes AMG C63, New for 2016!

The new Mercedes AMG C63 is all set for a 2016 launch and it has it sights set on the BMW M3 super-saloon crown!

mercedes amg c63 2016
The new Mercedes AMG C63 due for a 2016 launch, spotted during testing at Nürburgring.

This is good news for anyone who feels the current body design of the Mercedes AMG C63 doesn’t do justice to the awesome power and technology underneath. Early 2016 will see the release, under the Mercedes-AMG banner, of a more robust, aggressive looking coupe. It’s going to be an exciting time for all you Mercedes fans out there, who may have felt the designers should have done better with earlier models.

The Mercedes AMG C63 on the picture above is currently undergoing testing by engineers at the company. It’s been spotted on the roads in and around the famous Nurburgring more frequently over recent weeks. We’re guessing they must be pretty close to where they want to be in terms of handling and performance. The cost to buy the new model is rumoured to be £60K plus. At this price position I would hope all potential technical issues have been eradicated. Mercedes will be hoping to compete with BMW on a sales basis too by all accounts. Their M3 and M4 have outsold AMG in many markets across the globe over the last 15 years.

Mercedes AMG C63 Technical Spec

Okay, lets get into the technical details of this potentially ‘super’ supersaloon! Starting with body configuration, a convertible version has not yet been confirmed but is rumoured to be in the pipeline. We do however have a C63 coupe which will be on the market at a slightly higher price than the saloon version. This is understandable as we appreciate the development processes that go into producing such a car.

mercedes amg c63 engine
Mercedes AMG C63 Engine – 2015 model.

Power output will range from an impressive 469bhp from the 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 model to a very impressive 503bhp with the top S-model. Your looking at well under 4 seconds to hit 60mph from a standing start. This is pretty darn quick hey! Twin rear exhausts, from the quad-exhaust system, will make sure everybody knows you’re around. Even with the most gentle dab on the throttle you can guarantee an awesome growl from this high-speed machine.

Can it compete with the M3?

Lets make no mistake, the BMW M3 has ruled in this class for many years. However, having made a few mistakes recently, in our opinion, we think times are about to change. Combined with BMW dropping the V8, amongst other clanges, and ground braking technological advances made by Mercedes, we feel the pendulum is swinging back to Mercedes. Sure, the M3 is the master in a straight line but so too is the C63. You also get a more civilised experience with this Mercedes, just as much power and much more stability.

mercedes amg c63 bmw m3
Mercedes AMG C63 vs BMW M3 – image from Car Magazine.

The new AMG C63 looks amazing on the outside too. The new body styling retains it’s elegance but with added bling and a more aggressive persona. You can read a comprehensive review by Car Magazine where they take both cars out on test. Georg Kacher delves more deeply in to the detail with a comprehensive breakdown of this truly excellent machine.

I’m guessing you’re asking, so which is faster? Well, here goes with the highlights from the post mentioned above. Both the C63 and M3 achieve the same acceleration, 0 – 60mph in 3.9 seconds. The C63 has a top speed of 181mph while the M3 comes in at 175mph. The Mercedes is slightly worse on fuel though at 33.6mpg, while the M3 will give you 34 miles for a gallon of fuel.

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