Our Top 5 Summer Holiday Destinations in 2016

Who doesn’t dream of an amazing holiday in the sun, well we’re no different! Here is our top 5 list of summer holiday ideas for 2016, we’re sure you’ll agree…

You may be stuck in your office or sat watching dreary television dreaming about your next summer holiday. A few places probably spring to mind, maybe places you’ve already been to or somewhere completely different. Either way let us help you on the road to making the final decision and booking that perfect holiday.

beach holiday ideas cuba
Paradise Beach, known locally as Playa Paraiso, Cienfuegos in Cuba

1: Cuba

As you’re probably well aware Cuba has been in the news recently for all the right reasons. The government has signed an international agreement that will welcome business investment and visitors alike to the country. If you want to see the historic city of Havana, unspoiled, now is the time to go. Access to the country has been made easier and holiday makers are more welcome than ever. The people are friendly, the weather is amazing and the beaches pristine.

spainish sandy beaches
Bolonia, Costa De La Luz Beach is simply bliss and they have the weather all season too.

2: Spain

Spain has enjoyed a increase in popularity over recent years. Holiday makers are returning and staying away from political hot-spots in the Mediterranean and beyond. Southern and Eastern Spain certainly gets the best of the weather but you can enjoy warm sunshine on its Northern coast for much of the season. Its not just the beach holidays that people are interested in either. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia are a great place to visit too. Benidorm also continues to attract the crowds thanks to the popular television show of the same name.

beach in croatia
Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia – a quiet and tranquil destination.

3: Croatia

A hidden gem with a stunning coastline in the Adriatic pretty much sums up Croatia. Ever since the end of the war in the Balkans this amazing country has attracted visitors from all over the world. Its not yet joined the Euro and the Croatian kuna goes a long way for your GBP! Top beach destinations are Paradise Beach Retreat in Brac, Mulini Beach in Rovinj and Palmizana near Hvar. If you want a bit of culture then checkout Dubrovnik in southern Croatia.

beaches in cyprus 2016
Karpas beach in southern Cyprus, sand and blue sea for miles.

4: Cyprus

Cyprus is another old favorite of ours. Yes it’s changed over the years and since joining the Euro has got a bit more expensive but it’s still a friendly warm place o visit. Top beach destinations would be Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach in Paphos, Konnos Bay at Ayia Napa and Porto Pomos in Pomos. Other popular beaches would be Mackenzie Beach in Larnaca and Governor’s Beach in Limassol.

mountains lake town
St. Moritz, Switzerland in summer time is amazing.

5: The Alps

Now I know you’re probably thinking the Alps isn’t the place to visit in summer time. Skiing springs to mind first with most but we thought we’d through in something slightly different. The French, Swiss and and Italian Alps are a popular destination all year round and for good reason. We’re going to focus on what you do in summer. From cycling and mountain trekking to gentle boat trips and a stroll around the lakes it has something for everyone. I don’t think it’s going to be cold either, temperatures average well over 20°C.

So there you have it, our list of the places we would like to visit in 2016 and we’re sure you do too. Don’t forget if you are flying overseas this year we can take you to and from the airport in style and luxury. Just head over to our airport transfers page to find our more or call 01925 658566 for a friendly chat.

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