Pilots Battle Crosswinds at Liverpool John Lennon Airport

This amazing video footage, captured by a plane spotters, shows jet and propeller aircraft bouncing off the runway at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Equally amazing is it happened in the middle of summer, August 8th 2016 to be precise. Another example of how atrocious the weather here in Britain is becoming and another good reason for Brits to holiday abroad!

You can see two planes forced to abort their landing and perform a “go-around”, the plane spotters are heard saying “OMG he’s gonna have to try again”. Wind speeds gusted up to 40mph which is incredible at this time of year. You can see a newly constructed wind farm in the distance on Frodsham marshes, guaranteed to produce plenty of electricity as our climate becomes more unsettled each year.

The plane spotters had actually visited Liverpool Airport to catch a glimse of the Red Arrows refueling en-route to an event but decided to stay as the wind picked. They were in for a spectacle as the weather worsened and pilots found it increasingly difficult to get their aircraft on the ground safely.

The witnessed aborted landings from a Wizz HA-LYJ and a G-PRPD followed by a PA38, air traffic control operators could be heard congratulating the pilots saying “well done” when they had landed.

Alcohol-fuelled passengers lead to flight being turned back to Liverpool John Lennon airport.

A spokesperson for Air Traffic Services at Liverpool John Lennon Airport said:

Two commercial aircraft missed their approaches yesterday due to cross winds, both aircraft were repositioned by Air Traffic Controllers and subsequently landed safely. Although the mean wind speed was between 15-25 knots for most of the day, gusts did reach 37 knots toward the latter part of the evening.”

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