1 in 25 Manchester Airport Passengers fly Emirates

manchester airport welcomes emirates a380
Manchester Airport welcomes a second Emirates A380 in 2015, a third is due 2017.

Emirates is on course to fly over 1 million passengers between Manchester Airport and Dubai in the year March 2016 to 2017!

There is a misconception in the south east of England that everybody wants to fly out of London. This is clearly not the case which is backed up by Emirates Vice President in the UK, Laurie Berryman. More people are choosing Manchester Airport over those in the south all the time.

The A380 ‘Super Jumbo‘ is another reason passengers prefer Manchester. Its the biggest passenger airliner in the world and soon Manchester will be home to three flying the Emirates flag. They will carry up to 1,600 passengers daily out of Manchester airport.

manchester airport emirates flight staff

Demand is high right now at Manchester airport. Emirates will be replacing their Boeing 777 with one of their Airbus A380’s this month to cope with the extra passenger numbers. This is a far cry from Emirates humble beginnings at Manchester way back in 1990.

Emirates established their base with just 5 staff at the airport. They could see the potential in Manchester as an economic powerhouse. Emirates were one of the first airlines to offer long-haul flights directly out of Manchester.

From just 2 flights a week in 1990 to 7 in 2000 Emirates clearly had long terms plans for their northern base. The introduction of the first A380 in September 2010 showed the world the airport had the confidence of investors and the airlines alike. A second A380 was introduced in 2015 with number 3 due in 2017. This puts Manchester airport in a strong position for the future.

manchester aiport aerial photo terminals 1 2

Investment in local infrastructure will also play a key role in enhancing passenger experience around the airport. New road and rail links will all help the flow of people to and from this northern hub. It will certainly make life easier for our airport transfers staff. They find it quite difficult getting to and from the terminal buildings at busy times of the day.

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