New A556 link is great news for Manchester Airport

A new £192 million link between the M56 and M6 motorways opens in spring 2017 and will greatly improve journey times to Manchester Airport from the south!

a556 manchester airport link m56 m6 knutsford
The new A556 Knutsford Bowdon link road will improve links to Manchester Airport and features the first ‘green bridge’ to provide a safe crossing point for wildlife.

Aerial photography of the site, named the A556 Knutsford Bowdon link road, show the road is really starting to take shape. So much so that the Highways Agency are organising a charity Welly Walk along the route on the 30th October.

aerial view a556 knutsford bowden link
An aerial view of the Bowdon roundabout showing progress of the new A556 link road.

A small section of the new road opened recently which gave drivers access to bypass the Bowdon roundabout. This is one of the stages to completion next year. Improvements the layout of M56 junction 7 at Bowdon and the way the junctions operate at Bucklow Hill and Mere will also be made.

aerial road plan a556 knutsford bowden link
This is an aerial plan showing the new A556 Knutsford Bowdon link road route when completed in 2017, click the image to zoom in.

Improved links to Manchester airport

The new A556 dual carriageway link between the M6 junction 19 and M56 junction 7 is guaranteed to make driving between the M6 and Manchester Airport faster. This will help businesses such as ours to better plan journeys to and from the airport when using the M6 motorway. Operating our airport transfers services can be quite challenging at peak times of the day due to traffic congestion.

Highways England project manager Paul Hampson said: “Once the new road is completed in the spring, drivers travelling between the M56 and M6 will enjoy real benefits of the free-flow links and the separation of local and motorway traffic.

a556 knutsford bowdon link road
A computer generated view of how the road will look.

Once the new dual road is complete arrangements will be put in place including dedicated free-flow link. This will connect the northbound A556 and eastbound entry slip roads onto the M56 at junction 7. A new dedicated link between the westbound exit slip road on the M56 at junction 7 to the southbound A556 will also be in place.

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