Our Values

Our Commitment to Climate Care, Road Safety & Good Communication

CHM Chauffeuring’s excellent safety record is maintained through risk assessment & realistic practical management.

CHM’s Executive Fleet travels thousands of miles weekly with high exposure to potential Road Traffic Incidents. By good decision making and good communication of information, CHM maintains a safe, reliable, punctual & comfortable service.

CHM measures success through client satisfaction, the basis of high client retention & business continuity. CHM values all clients, existing & new.

Good decision making

  • Choice of fleet vehicles with safety foremost – all vehicles have European New Car Assessment Program (ENCAP) 4 & 5 star rating
  • Main dealers used for servicing, maintenance, repair, and engine updates
  • Vehicle checks performed before and after work periods
  • High recruitment standards and high level of personnel retention
  • Driver training to CHM required standards, including roadside incidents and use of in car equipment
  • Regulation of drivers permitted hours, driver exchange policy
  • Route planning, realistic journey times, avoidance of hazardous roads & weather conditions

Occupational Road Safety Alliance

As a member of the Occupational Road Safety Alliance, CHM implements recommendations & updates practices in the areas of:

  • Health & Safety Law and the responsibility to establish safe systems of work and supports the HSE “Driving at Work” which has Risk Assessment as a fundamental platform
  • Road Traffic Law and the establishing of safe journey parameters and provision of appropriate vehicles.
  • Balance of Responsibility where work related Road safety is a shared responsibility.

Good Support Service

  • All vehicles carry High Visibility Vests & First Aid Kit
  • All vehicles have membership of the RAC Onward Destination Roadside Assistance
  • CHM has a backup vehicle & driver on standby

Environment & Climate Care

CHM recognises its responsibility to contribute towards Climate Care with a ‘Reduce-Reuse-Recycle’ policy.

  • Without compromising safety our fleet comprises of low emission, diesel engine vehicles
  • All vehicles are manual gear change for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Utilisation of vehicle capacity by consolidation wherever practically & socially possible
  • Regular fleet review & replacement with newer more fuel efficient, reduced emission vehicles
  • Reduction in the usage of paper, glass, plastic & rubber which are all taken for recycling
  • Realistic scheduling to ensure that vehicles can operate with adequate driving intervals at all times which helps to reduce emissions
  • Vehicles do not wait with engine idling