The CHM Chauffeuring Services Experience

Airport Transfers & Executive Travel

driver hand checking watch

CHM Chauffeuring Services Limited takes every care to deliver a service tailored to clients needs. Safety is the overriding priority in our service to you. CHM Limited voluntarily operates a ‘Best Practice Policy’ to give you an exceptional travel experience.

CHM Best Practice :

  • Observance of Road Traffic Rules at all times
  • Procedure observance for incidents, near miss reporting
  • Vehicle checks before & after work schedules
  • Maintaining all operating licences, insurances & certification
  • Preventive Maintenance & Servicing of Vehicles
  • Vehicle Security
  • Implementation of ORSA recommendations
  • Strict control of maximum permitted driving hours schedule
  • Informed route planning & realistic vehicle scheduling

Punctuality, Comfort, Efficiency

CHM Chauffeurs arrive prior to the appointed time and unobtrusively wait outside the appointed place until you are ready to begin the journey. CHM Chauffeurs will assist you with luggage, inform you of the routing and will be flexible & responsive to your requests. You may wish to work as you travel – all CHM Chauffeurs observe the confidentiality & privacy of your communications.

Get in touch

The CHM Experience is so reliable, efficient and comfortable, it becomes the only way to travel. For further information or to discuss your requirements with a member of our team, please call 01925 658566 or contact us.